We sat down to chat with RADMOR's very own Jake Vincent, a Southern California native, and aspiring Canadian Tour pro to see how he's doing, what's in his bag, and what helped shape him as golfer all these years. 

What’s in Jake's Bag:

Driver – Ping 425
Irons – Srixon ZX7
Wedges – Cleveland Zipcore
Putter – Odyssey No.7 white hot OG Ball – Srixon Z star XV

Accessory you couldn’t live without:

Alignment sticks/chalk line. Big part of my everyday practice.

Your Desert Island Course:

The Palms Golf Club. La Quinta, CA. Great challenge and awesome practice facilities. If the weather permits, that’s where you will find me.

Course that changed your life forever (or at least how you see the game of golf):

Cedar Ridge Golf Course. Cedar City, UT. This was my home course in college, feels like home when I go back.

Favorite Hole:

Sunbrook Golf Club, ST. George, UT. Blackrock hole 9. Where I won my first college tourney.

Dream Foursome:

My Dad, and my two Grandads. Sure I might be passing up on some of the most amazing people in history, but I would trade it all to play with my dad’s father one more time.

Nicklaus or Palmer?

Arnie. Held the putter like him as a kid. The AP is the best drink on the planet.

Tiger or Phil?


Rory or DJ?


Cam Smith or Zalatoris?

Cam Smith. I would love to watch him roll the rock.

Most amazing thing you’ve seen while on a golf course?

I still remember my first birdie. I was 7 or 8. My dad, Grandpa, and I were golfing. I topped my second one. I was 125 out, I remember my grandad saying 5 iron wouldn’t get there. The ball breaks hard right to left and goes in for my first bird.

What most people don’t realize about a what it takes to make it professionally as a golfer?

The obvious answer is practice. But personally, I believe it is a ton of self-confidence. Sometimes you have to fake it, or trick yourself into believing you can pull a certain shot off.

Most admired player currently on Tour (Not including Tiger)?

Tony Finau. I love the way the entire state of Utah admires him and talks so highly of him.

Greatest lunch/meal (eg. HotDog) you’ve ever eaten at a golf course? What course?

Chili Cheese Burger, The Palms Golf Club. (Hold the onions please.)

Most important thing you hope to pass on to your children about the game of golf?

How much the game can teach you about yourself and your temperament. Most importantly, how fun it is to share a round with great company.

Someone once asked me if I liked to catch or if I liked to fish. I think a similar metaphor can be used for golf. Which do you prefer these days?

Catching a fish is the result of doing the right things to land the fish in the first place. Just like golf, if you don’t cheat the process, good things will come. Patience is key.

Favorite RADMOR item:

The Five-O knit pants. Easily the most comfortable pair of pants I’ve ever worn.

July 08, 2022 — Scott Morrison