It's not everyday you talk about golf photography helping shape the sport itself for a new generation. I'm not even sure 'golf photography' was thing before Christian Hafer, the Golfers Journal, and @hafe_life helped redefine almost everything we know and love about golf in the 21st Century.

Like many of the transformative photographers before him, Hafer shoots what he loves with almost a fetish-like quality and appreciation. Lucky for us, what he loves is golf, and by taking us far from the oversaturated and glossy images of those before him, the beauty of Hafer's work is his honest portrayal of the game, those who play it, and the courses themselves. His work is inviting, approachable, and stunningly beautiful. With each and every shot, he is subtly redefining what it means to be a golfer today, to love the game, and fully recognize its inherent beauty.

The cherry on top? Christian is one of the nicest, hardest working guys out there. A living testament to his craft, his vision, and irreplaceable talent. 

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July 08, 2022 — Scott Morrison